1. Building Department

    The Building Department of Crest Hill reviews building plans, issues permit and contractor applications and performs inspections to ensure that construction conforms to applicable codes. We also handle property code violations, rental inspections and new business inspections.

  2. Clerk's Office

    The City Clerk's Office maintains all official city records, including City Council minutes, ordinances, resolutions and contracts.

  3. Community Development

    The Community Development Department coordinates and reviews development in the City of Crest Hill. The responsibility of of this department is to review projects for compliance with the city's Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinances and Building Codes. Within the Community Development Department is the Economic Development & Zoning Manager, Building Inspector, and Community Development Receptionist Clerk as well as the body of engineers, planners, and consultants the city works with regularly.

  4. Fire Department

    The City of Crest Hill is served by both the Lockport Township Fire Protection District and the Plainfield Township Fire Protection District depending on where the residents live within the City.

  5. Police Department

    The Crest Hill Police Department is an organization comprised of people with integrity, committed to provide quality police services to its community in an honest, fair, professional and courteous manner.

  6. Public Works & Streets Department

    The Streets Department repairs streets, flushes hydrants, replaces street signs, repairs water main breaks and plows snow.

  7. Water & Wastewater Department

    The collection and processing of wastewater and storm water in a quick and efficient manner is vital to the health and safety of the residents of the City of Crest Hill.

  8. Treasurer and Finance Department