Identity Theft Information

Identity Theft is the unauthorized use of personal identifying (ID) information, such as a name, date of birth, or Social Security number, to commit financial fraud. It can include a number of crimes, from the unauthorized use of credit cards to a complete takeover of another person's name and financial accounts.


An identity thief may use someone's personal identifiers to:
  • Apply for Loans
  • Engage in Other Fraudulent Activity
  • Establish Services With Utility Companies
  • Illegally Obtain Credit Cards
  • Open Checking Account
  • Rent or Purchase Residences

Defining Identity Theft

By Illinois State Law, financial identity theft occurs when a person knowingly uses someone's personal IDs or documents to fraudulently obtain credit, money, goods, services, or other property in the name of that person.
  • Personal IDs may include name, address, telephone number, birth certificates, Social Security cards, credit cards used as ID's etc.
  • Credit may include credit cards used to make purchases, debit cards, automobile loans, etc.
  • Money may include cash, loans, insurance, benefits, unemployment benefits, second mortgages, etc.
  • Goods may include items, such as computers, automobiles, etc. Services may include bank account, utility services, etc.
  • Other property may include real estate, apartment rentals, or anything that does not fall into the other four categories.
Visit the Illinois Attorney General website for more information.