Economic Goals

A primary challenge in the practice of economic development is choosing among the many competing priorities and various activities. A clear economic vision and goals are needed to provide framework for strategically assessing and coordinating these efforts. The vision stems from the community's values, its collective sense of local economic strengths and weaknesses, and consensus on a desired future. Goals are more tangible expressions of the vision and provide specific direction for actions.

Primary Goals

The three primary goals of the City of Crest Hill are:
  • Retain existing businesses and industries by fostering partnerships with local businesses and increasing spending in the community.
  • Remove barriers to conducting business within the City.
  • Make the City an attractive place for businesses to locate.

Case by Case Decisions

The City of Crest Hill's policy decisions reflect the principles in its overall vision. Although most incentive agreements are made on a case by case basis, more detailed information about Crest Hill's Economic Development and Incentive Policies including sales tax, TIF, and more can be found in the Economic Development and Incentives Policies (PDF).