All applications are available below to be completed, printed and delivered to the City Clerk's Office or may be picked up at the City Clerk's Office in City Hall. All applications must be turned in to the City Clerk's Office with full payment.

Block Party

Events must be approved by the city council and notification of approval or denial will be sent by letter. Resident should apply with the City Clerk's Office before making any arrangements. For more information on restrictions and services provided, please contact the City Clerk's Office. The application may be completed and printed here.

Burglar Alarm Licenses

All residents and businesses of Crest Hill that have a monitored alarm system are required to have a license. Contact the Clerk's Office for more information. First year cost is $100 and $100 each year thereafter. The fee for this license is due January 31st of each year. The application may be completed and printed here.

Garage Sale

All residents must acquire a garage sale permit before their sale. The cost of permit is $5 and can be used for up to four consecutive days. The City of Crest Hill has two citywide garage sales every year. The first one is held the third weekend in May and the second one is held the third weekend in August. The fee is $5 each for the citywide sales and the city will do the advertising in the Herald News and the local cable TV. Residents are allowed to have two garage sales on their own along with the two citywide sales totaling four per year. The application may be completed and printed here.

Tag Day

Applications are available online or in the City Clerk's Office. Only one organization is allowed to tag in the city at one time. You must have the permission of the private property owners for the sale of tag collection. Also, the sale of tag collections is not permitted on the public right of ways or other public lands. If you plan to solicit donations on the State of Illinois roads, you must contact the State of Illinois for their permission here.